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Telling Stories Through Photo Books

  Telling Stories Through Photo Books

Photo books are a terrific way to share your memories in a creative, elegant fashion. Here are some things to keep in mind while putting yours together:

Whether you're shooting a family vacation, your daughter's soccer season, or a beautiful wedding ceremony, your pictures tell a story. There are lots of simple ways you can become a better storyteller.
Have a beginning, middle and end
  • Take a visual walk down memory lane by creating a sense of time in your pictures.
  • For example, at a baseball game, take shots of the team warming up. Snap a few frames of the scoreboard as it changes. Show the sunset as dusk falls in the late innings.
  • By establishing time, you're inspired to remember the entire event.

Shoot the details
  • Let the smaller moments help define your larger one – take photos of memorable road signs, menus of great new restaurants, or flashlight beams in the sand.
  • Characters are an unforgettable part of any story – including yours. So shoot a friendly shopkeeper, a dazzling street performer, a playful chimp at the zoo – or any other character who made the moment special.
  • Get creative with macro mode. Capture patterns on leaves, close-ups of spider webs, or the grooves of a seashell to create interesting background textures.
Take notes
  • When reliving a special time in your family's history, it's great to have the details that made the event – so as you take pictures, take a few minutes to jot down the little things.
  • Write down funny side stories, memorable quotes, or anything else that enriched your experience.
  • Create an atmosphere with sensory details – how did it feel, taste, look, sound, or smell?
  • Take it one step further – add your notes to your book to create an elegant photo journal.

Once your pictures are taken and the creativity's flowing, see how easy it is to create your photo book at a KODAK Picture Kiosk.

Start your photo book now!