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Framing & hanging pictures

  Nothing is more simple—or striking—than a framed picture. It's the classic way to showcase your work. If you do it right, you can create pictures that will be treasured for a lifetime and become a heritage for your children.

Framing your pictures 
First select a mat to create a display that will last. Matting creates a pocket of air between the picture and glass to prevent mold, buckling, sticking, and wrinkling. Matting not only helps protect your picture, but it's also an attractive way make your picture stand out.

You might be able to find a pre-cut mat that works perfectly for your picture. Some pre-assembled frames even come with pre-cut mats. Look for the words acid-free or photo quality. If you can't find a suitable pre-cut mat, you can pay a professional to cut one for you.

Second, choose your framing method:

  • Fast and convenient: ready-made frames and frame kits 
  • Specially designed custom framing 
  • Collectible antique framing
Hanging your pictures
As you get involved with photo wall décor, you'll quickly discover that there are seemingly endless ways to display pictures.

  • Hang one large photo, or display several smaller ones in a group.
  • Arrange a group up a stairway wall, or wrap it around an inside corner of the living room.
  • Hang a photo off-center over a particularly long piece of furniture, such as a sofa, and balance it out with a planter or other decorative object at the other end.
  • Choose a low-humidity area with ambient lighting away from harmful sources of UV rays.
  • Hang small pictures in small areas, such as corners or hallways, and large pictures in wide-open space.
  • Most photos look best when hung at or slightly lower than eye level.