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Displaying pictures


  You can create a family tree display, produce a stunning gallery of vacation scenes, or decorate your bulletin board or computer monitor all with the help of pictures.

Cluster your pictures 
Small pictures want company. Cluster your small pictures together to increase their impact. A group of small pictures hung in an attractive pattern on the wall or gathered on a shelf or table invites observers to look and linger. Or try a pre-arranged pattern by using a frame with multiple windows for different-sized pictures.

Integrate variety and promote unity 
Without compromising unity, incorporate diversity among the pictures you display. Use different shapes, sizes, colors, and subjects that complement one another and go well with your home décor.

Fun alternatives to frames 
There's more than one way to enjoy and show off your pictures. Use your imagination and look for something different. Here are some of our ideas.  


  • Bulletin boards—If you want to rotate your pictures, try displaying them on a bulletin board. Use T-pins to attach your pictures to the bulletin board without poking holes in them.
  • Screen savers—Easy-to-use software lets you create a rotating slideshow of your favorite pictures on your computer monitor.
  • Collages—For photo décor on a larger scale, try a picture collage. Many frames contain multiple windows for several pictures.
  • Paper weight—Show the many sides of your picture-taking skills with a decorative picture cube.
  • Picture mobile—Display your pictures suspended in mid-air. As air gently moves through the room, your pictures will rotate into view.
  • Picture room divider—Solve your space problems by using a room divider screen with picture windows.