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Get More Friends and Family Photo Ideas

Start your own Friends and Family Project now!


Book Club Bookmark

Surprise your book club with a photo bookmark of the members.


Custom Wine Charms

Create photo wine charms so they really know which glass is theirs!


Photo Masks

Photo masks of the kids will make for a fun play date!


Googly Eye Magnets

You’ll get plenty of giggles making googly eye magnets with the kids.


Hostess Gift

Your hostess will be delighted with this thoughtful gift.


Personalized Party Favors

Mark a special occasion with these personalized party favors.


Savor the Local Cuisine

Share photos of your trip and skip the boring slide show.


Soup Swap

A photo recipe tag will remind everyone how good that soup really was!

Family Tree

Family Tree

Have everyone bring a photo to the reunion for a family tree display

Flashback Party Banner

Flashback Party Banner

Ask everyone to bring a photo to a 'flashback' party; hang to display

Personalized Drink Charms

Personalized Drink Charms

Create drink charms from photos and surprise friends at a party!

Personalized Flashlights

Personalized Flashlights

Surprise the slumber party kids with a flashlight wrapped with a photo

Photo Place Cards

Photo Place Cards

Use pictures from your last gathering to make photo place cards

Recipe Exchange

Recipe Exchange

Do a recipe exchange with key ingredients a picture…yum