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Anniversary Photo Ideas



Then and Now Invitation

Featuring the couple’s wedding photo on the anniversary party invitation will bring a bit of nostalgia to the event.


Then & Now Thank You Notes

 Featuring an original wedding picture alongside a current picture is the perfect way to thank guests for sharing the special day with you.  



Surrounded by Weddings

Put photos of the anniversary couple and their guests’ wedding days on display at the anniversary party.


Photo Centerpieces

Tuck pictures of the anniversary couple in centerpieces for the anniversary party. 


Mason Jar Centerpiece

For a less formal party, use photos of the anniversary couple in mason jars as centerpieces. Because the prints will be waterproof you could even use the mason jars as vases. 


A Golden Decoration

An elegant decoration and favor for a 50th golden anniversary party are these chocolate coins featuring the couple’s wedding picture. 


Party Décor

Encourage guests to bring photos of their wedding days and special times together to share with other guests. Scan pictures after the party to create a photo book or collage. 


Happy Travels

Share your favorite moments as a couple by featuring photos taken on trips together. 



Through the Years Collage

 A thoughtful gift for the anniversary couple is this poster-size collage that features their original wedding photo as well as other photos of the happy couple throughout their marriage.



A Thoughtful Calendar

Create a KODAK Calendar that features your favorite activities, month by month. March can show photos of all the new spring flowers, June includes pictures of the bike trip you took that month, October shows your outing to the pumpkin patch.

Photo Books


Now and Then

For a unique gift for your parents’ anniversary, recreate scenes from your childhood and make a photo book.


The Story of Us

Show your spouse how much you love them on your anniversary with a photo book featuring key moments in your time together.  

Rapid Print Scanner


Scan the Shoebox

Scanning the anniversary couple’s old photos is a welcome and useful gift. Many older people have hundreds of pictures stored in boxes and they’re unsure what to do with them. 

Photo Taking Ideas


Photo in a photo

For a unique now and then photo, have the anniversary couple pose with their wedding picture.