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    Kodak R&D centers its attention on technologies which are rooted in strong science and have the potential to grow and create markets for our businesses. Whether we create new materials to form superior functional inks or new printing engines that deposit a host of materials onto substrates with great precision at very high speeds, Kodak R&D is at the forefront of science and applications.


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    Material Science

    MaterialsKodak Materials Science is focused on building platforms of robust material classes. These materials – codesigned with our array of deposition engines, and in concert with Kodak expertise in interfacial chemistry – enable targeted innovation to create differentiated, high-value product solutions.

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    Deposition Science

    Deposition ScienceKodak's practice of deposition science is focused on the invention and development of print engines that control the deposition of novel materials for a variety of commercial and functional print applications. Along with Kodak's materials design, and deep understanding of interfacial physics and chemistry, these engines enable additive printing of graphics and functional materials at a range of scales via contact and non-contact methods.

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    Image Science

    MaterialsKodak's deep Image Science portfolio is leveraged across applications as diverse as enhancing printed graphics, securing information through the printing process, and enhancing the functionality of any printed image or pattern. The science behind this element of a printed feature is woven into the printing process and expressed in the materials' features – whether visible or invisible.

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