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    Relative Quantum Yield Measurements of Coumarin Encapsulated in Core-Shell Silica Nanoparticles (Abstract)
    Journal of Fluorescence, 2010, V20, N1 (Jan), P67-72
    Herz E; Marchincin T; Connelly L; Bonner D; Burns A; Switalski S; Wiesner U
    Modeling Disorder in the Crystal Structure of the alpha Polymorph of Alq(3) (Abstract)
    Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 2010, V40, N3 (Mar), P195-200
    Rajeswaran M; Blanton TN; Young RH; Brennessel W
    Electronic Structure and Charge-Transport Properties of N,N '-Bis(cyclohexyl)naphthalene Diimide (Abstract)
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010, V114, N6 (Feb 18), P 2751-2755
    Adiga SP; Shukla D
    The Role of Adhesion in Electrophotographic Digital Printing (Abstract)
    Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 2010, V24, N3, P 583-617
    Rimai DS; Brown K; Zaretsky MC; Lofftus K; Aslam M; Fowlkes WY; Weiss DS
    Temporal analysis of power law liquid jets (Abstract)
    Computers & Fluids, 2010, V39, N5 (May), P820-828
    Gao ZJ; Ng K
    Molecular Basis for Neurofilament Heavy Chain Side Arm Structure Modulation by Phosphorylation (Abstract)
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010, V114, N12 (Apr 1), P 5410-5416
    Adiga SP; Brenner DW
    Inpainting quality assessment
    Journal of Electronic Imaging, 2010, V19, N1 (Jan-Mar), Article Number: 011002
    Ardis PA; Brown CM; Singhal A
    Quantitative analysis for hillocks grown from electroplated Sn film
    Journal of Applied Physics, 2010, V107, N7 (Apr 1), Article Number: 074902
    Cheng J; Chen S; Vianco PT; Li JCM
    Residual strain effects on a non-contact magnetoelastic torque transduce
    International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 2010, V32, N3, P183-193
    Andreescu R; Spellman B; Furlani EP