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    Inkjet Photo Paper

    What is the difference between KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Papers vs. the current line of KODAK Inkjet Paper?
    KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Papers use a microporous coating technology that allows the ink to dry instantly. We offer our professional papers in two finishes:
    • glossy (improves the gloss uniformity throughout the print)
    • lustre (similar to the finish used by portrait photographers)
    KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Paper also gives you the option to use ICC custom color profiles for exceptional color accuracy and shadow detail in your prints. For recommended driver settings, see ICC Color Profiles.

    Our current line of inkjet paper offers a set of features/benefits focused on various consumer applications and needs.
    How long will KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper last?
    The print life of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper is similar to that of other microporous media on the market today. 
    As with all inkjet media products, the print life will vary based on:
    • the printer/ink/media combination used
    • the way the media/print is stored prior to and after printing
    Printing on KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper using a printer with pigmented inks and storing the print behind 
    glass or in a photo album will maximize the print life and provide results similar to that of KODAK Ultima Picture Paper. 
    If your print is produced using a dye ink printer and you leave your print exposed to high levels of air pollutants, print life will be 
    significantly reduced.

    We recommend you store the paper at room temperature. Store unprinted paper in the original box, and store printed images behind glass or in an album.
    Does KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper work on pigmented printers? Dye printers?
    This paper is designed to work on both pigment and dye based printers.
    Is technical support available for the professional market?
    We currently offer ICC Color Profiles and Printer Driver Settings and Workflow Instructions. See Service and Support.
    Where can I buy KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper?
    This paper is available at your local photographic specialty retailer and other select retailers in the United States, Western Europe, and Australia.