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    IntroProfessional photographers share their techniques and ideas for making extraordinary pictures. Join them as they describe life behind the lens.



    Change is good

      Duration: 8 minutes
    Steve McCurry originally wanted to be a film maker, after 30 years of photographing he realizes this was a good change. Steve talks to us about his career as a photographer and his migration from KODACHROME to EKTACHROME film

    Discovering New Places with Peter Guttman

    Duration: 8 minutes
    Peter talks to us about his travels around the world discovering new, exotic destinations and people to photography as well as his passion with KODACHROME and EKTACHROME film.

    Jocelyn Bain Hogg

      Duration: 8 minutes
    Jocelyn Bain Hogg juxtaposes the starkness of black and white, shot with Kodak Tri-X film against the vibrancy of color, using Kodak color negative films, to present a fully rounded exploration of his subjects.

    Michael Crouser

      Duration: 9 minutes
    When Michael Crouser picks up a camera, he's out to capture a sense of timelessness. Kodak Tri-X film helps capture the look he wants.

    Kwaku Alston

      Duration: 8 minutes
    Celebrity photography is more than getting a star to smile. Kwaku Alston shares techniques and insights on getting great portrait photos.

    Bob McNeely

      Duration: 9 minutes
    Bob McNeely accompanied President-elect Barack Obama in the days leading up to and just after his historic Inauguration as the 44th President of the United States.

    Ben Fernandez

      Duration: 8 minutes
    Ben Fernandez is a photojournalist at the center of the civil rights movement and took many of the iconic images of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Amy Postle

      Duration: 6 minutes
    Amy Postle pushes the boundaries of her art by evoking passion, beauty and emotion with color and black and white films.

    Pep Bonet

      Duration: 13 minutes
    Award-winning photographer Pep Bonet shares his haunting experiences and photos from his multiple journeys to capture the genocide in Darfur and the efforts of aid workers to relieve the suffering.
    Jeff liao

    Jeff Liao

      Duration: 10 minutes
    Photographer Jeff Liao explored today's working-class New York City for his book, Habitat Seven. Jeff talks about his use of large-format color film to create his detailed images. Learn more.
    Liz Gilbert

    Liz Gilbert

      Duration: 12 minutes
    Go beyond a safari with photographer Liz Gilbert as she explores the people and places of the African continent.

    Kodak's New T-MAX 400 Film

      Duration: 32 minutes
    Listen as Dennis Hays interviews Photographer John Sexton and Kodak's Scott DiSabato on Kodak's new T-MAX 400 film. Further information available about our Kodak Professional black and white films are available here.

    Portra Films

      Duration: 21 minutes
    Join Dennis Hays as he interviews Kodak's Scott DiSabato on the recent advances of Portra films. Further information available about our Kodak PORTRA films are available here.

    John Sexton

      Duration: 11 minutes
    John Sexton, one of America's most admired photographers, shares his passion for black and white photography over digital. You can also view more photographs and a Q & A session with John on Kodak's A Thousand Words blog.

    Pep Bonet

      Duration: 8 minutes
    Join award-winning photographer Pep Bonet as he talks about his photographic experiences in Darfur, Sierra Leone, and Somalia.

    Chris Usher: One of Us

      Duration: 9 minutes
    Travel with photographer Chris Usher as he shares the stories of survivors of Hurricane Katrina.