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    KODAK PANATOMIC-X AERECON II Film 3412 (Discontinued)

    Thin base for increased spool capacity. Suitable for medium- to high-altitude reconnaissance.

    KODAK PANATOMIC-X AERECON II Film 3412 is an intermediate-speed, panchromatic, black-and-white aerial camera film with extended red sensitivity.

    3412 film has medium-to-high contrast, extremely fine grain, and extremely high resolving power.

    The film's excellent speed-to-grain relationship provides high definition, resulting in outstanding ground detail in both large and small negative formats.

    3412 Film has a 2.5-mil (0.06 mm) ESTAR Thin Base with dyed-gel backing. The thin, highly-hardened emulsion provides high image sharpness, and permits rapid processing at elevated temperatures in modern continuous-processing machines.


    Key Applications

    This film is best used for medium- to high-altitude mapping, reconnaissance, and other earth resources applications.

    Technical Data:
    AS-112 / TI1172 (PDF)


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