United States & Canada Routing Guides

For United States and Canada domestic and international suppliers, vendors, customers, forwarders and carriers.

To assure timely and successful delivery of shipments to, for, and from Kodak, we ask that you make a conscientious effort to follow these instructions. Not following them may result in unexpected delays, unnecessary costs , along with Government imposed inspections, fines or penalties for regulatory non-compliance.


Shipping and Transportation — Information and Instructions

If you ship goods domestically FROM one US or Canada location TO another on behalf of Kodak, see:
Domestic Shipping within US and Canada


If you export goods for Kodak FROM a US or Canada location TO an international destination, see:
Exporting from US and Canada


If you export goods FROM an international location TO a US or Canada direct or third party Kodak designated destination, see:
Importing to US and Canada


Other shipping and transportation information: