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    Importing to US & Canada

    For Kodak Suppliers, Vendors, Shippers, Carriers and Freight Forwarders that export goods FROM an international location TO a US or Canada direct or third party Kodak designated destination.

    These instructions are intended for general information purposes and may be superseded, in part, by the individual contracts Kodak may have with you.

    International shipments into the US&C are subject to a complex network, which require several detailed documents and involve numerous shipment handoffs throughout the process. To support timely and complete importation we encourage all suppliers/sellers to request individual Supplier Mode-Specific Shipping Instructions, which will provide the network information necessary to move shipments from the exporting country to any Kodak US&C destinations.

    Suppliers/sellers should request Supplier Mode-Specific Shipping Instructions from the Kodak buying assistant, buyer or commodity manager for whom the shipment is being prepared, or whose name and phone number appear on the purchase order (PO).