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    Customs Clearance Instructions for US Imports

    Pre-US Custom's clearance documentation preparation and handling process requirements:


    Arrival Notices, Authority to Make Entry or Inbond Notifications

    • APPLIES TO US CUSTOMS CLEARANCE for shipments where terms are other than DDP (Incoterms® 2010).
    • Kodak is a US Customs self-filer and will NOT clear shipments with DDP terms.
      • The supplier's forwarder/carrier, under the direction of the supplier, must secure it's own US Customs Broker to clear the shipment through US Customs and arrange for delivery to the consignee.
      • In addition, the supplier or its agent (forwarder/broker) must report the delivery location, and the truck's Container and Seal numbers by e-Mail to the following e-address: US-Import-Tracking@Kodak.com.

    To Do Upon Arrival at the First Port

    • If goods are moving Inbond, the Intermediate Transportation document (I.T.), waybill, commercial invoice and packing list shall be delivered to the Notify Party address stated on the Supplier Mode-Specific Shipping Instructions.
    • The carrier shall arrange with the forwarding agent to create and send an Arrival Notice, together with the waybill and other supporting documentation via e-mail to: US-ImportServices@Kodak.com.
    • SUBJECT LINE must include:
      • For Consumer Digital Group ONLY,
        • Start by preceding with the acronym: CDG, then
        • PO number,
        • Model number
      • For all notifications:
        • Words describing main carriage transport mode: Air Express, Air Freight, Ocean LCL, Ocean FCL Ground FTL, or Ground LTL,
        • The words: Arrival Notice,
        • House or Master Sea Waybill of Lading number (at lowest level),
        • Incoterms® acronym (3 alpha-character English)
    • If the supplier/seller is responsible for the transportation network, via "C or D" terms (based on (Incoterms® 2010), they will be responsible for notifying the carrier of its' responsibility to create an Arrival Notice and forward it to the Notify Party stated on the Supplier Mode-Specific Shipping Instructions.
    • All documentation MUST match AMS.
    • All shipments moving to a KODAK Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) MUST be moved Inbond to the US City/State port in which they will enter the Zone, and MUST NOT bear terms of DDP.

    Details Required on Arrival Notifications

    Current date House B/L number (AMS#) Arrival date at port of clearance I.T. number (if applicable) Date going into G.O. storage
    Forwarder name Master G/L number Import date at first US port I.T. date Freight location (Firms Code)
    Forwarder phone number Piece Count (in lowest measure, e.g. carton) Actual location of goods (Firms Code) I.T. port Total charges due
    Forwarder e-mail address Weight (kilograms) First US port of unlading (Port Code) I.T. comments  
    Forwarder alternate contact PO number (if applicable) By air: Arrival carrier On-carriage carrier  
    Export country Invoice number By air: Arrival flight number    
      Last free day By ocean: Vessel into US    
        By ocean: Voyage into US    

    Truck PAPS Process from Canada to US

    This process is exclusive of truck PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing Systems) shipments crossing the Canadian (CA) border to United States (US) destinations.

    NOTE: The seller/shipper shall manage export reporting (for shipments with Incoterms® rules other than EXW or DDP). For shipments with terms of EXW, the buyer (Kodak) manages the export/import process door-to-door. For shipments with terms of DDP, this PAPS process will not apply. Therefore, the seller/shipper will be responsible for export/import shipment process and physical movement of goods door-to-door.


    • Seller/shipper books shipment with nominated carrier for pickup or delivery to the carrier (Incoterms® rules dependent), and arranges export reporting as appropriate. See NOTE above.
    • Seller/shipper provides the commercial invoice and packing list to the carrier with goods.
    • Carrier creates manifest (CF7533) and ground waybill, and arranges to secure and load the freight.
    • Carrier sends an e-Mail arrival notification to US-ImportServices@kodak.com (Self-Filing broker defined in Notify Party of Shipping Instructions) together with the seller's/shipper's commercial invoice, packing list, manifest, ground waybill of lading, and arrival details a minimum of one business day prior to scheduled border crossing (see daily schedule below for details). The arrival notification must include the following information:
      • Subject line of the e-Mail arrival notification should say: PAPS shipment (including PAPS number), Border crossing date: mm/dd/yyyy
      • PAPS number = carrier SCAC + carrier bill of lading number
      • International carrier name
      • Seller, shipper, ship-to complete names and addresses (per commercial invoice)
      • Shipment unit of measure and quantity (carton or pallet) as reported in AMS from manifest
      • Shipment weights (gross and net)
      • Date of export
      • Date of import
      • Date of arrival
      • Canadian port of lading name
      • US port of unlading name and FIRMS code
      • Location of goods name and FIRMS code
      • Carrier's contact name, telephone number and e-Mail address where the Kodak P14 entry number should be sent.
    • Kodak US Imports will clear the shipment and send the Kodak P14 (entry number) associated with each PAPS number to the e-Mail address provided by the carrier.