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Subject Contact E-mail Address Phone
US Import Shipping Instructions Transportation Specialist US-ImportShippingInstructions@kodak.com 585-588-7276
US Import Shipments and ISF Arrival Coordinator US-ImportServices@kodak.com 585-722-0326
Canada Import Shipments Customs Coordinator KGCCC-Imports@kodak.com 604-451-2742
US&C Export Customer Service   US-Export-COS@kodak.com  
Kodak Foreign Trade Zones FTZ Specialist US-Import-Export-Compliance@kodak.com 585-477-4647
US Export / Import Compliance Compliance Specialist US-ExportRegulations@kodak.com 585-722-0977
Compliance Analyst Complianace Analyst US-Import-Export-Compliance@kodak.com 585-588-2026
Compliance Issues / Escalation Compliance Director Global-Trade-Compliance@kodak.com 585-588-2509
US&C Transportation Transportation USC-Trans@kodak.com 585-588-7547
Domestic Freight Tracking Transportation USC-Trans@kodak.com 585-588-2687
Transportation Issues / Escalation Transportation Manager USC-Trans@kodak.com 585-477-3092
Freight Bill Payment Freight Bill Specialist USC-Trans@kodak.com 585-588-2562