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Suppliers/Shippers please ask your Kodak contact for assistance
with shipping instructions, shipment tracking or other issues as they
relate to shipments importing to the US.

Contact Name Title/Responsibility Telephone e-mail Address
John Vakiener US Trade Compliance Manager 585-588-2509 john.vakiener@kodak.com
Debbie Reumann US Import / Compliance Analyst 585-588-2026 debbie.reumann@kodak.com
Maria Dellefave US KODAK Foreign Trade Zone and Duty Management Analyst 585-588-2530 maria.dellefave@kodak.com
Josie Bell US Imports Compliance Specialist 585-722-0977 US-Import-Export-Compliance@kodak.com
Robert Philips US Import/Export Operations Supervisor 585-588-6973 robert.a.phillips@kodak.com
Import Operations US Import Operations - US Customs clearance and Foreign Trade Zone Admission



Mike Burdick
US Import Specialist
585-722-5187 US-ImportServices@kodak.com
Kathy Ciarpelli US Import Specialist 585-488-2531 US-ImportServices@kodak.com
Jeff Garnier US Import Specialist 585-588-9778 US-ImportServices@kodak.com
Mary Tunney US Import Specialist 585-588-2558 US-ImportServices@kodak.com
Kathy Frisch US/CA Customs Classification Specialist 585-722-0290 or
Paul Jensen US/CA Customs Classification Specialist 585-722-0290 or
Diane Newell US/CA Customs Classification Specialist 585-722-0290 or
Henry Ho CA Customs Classification Specialist - KGCCC only 604-419-4795 henry.h.ho@kodak.com
Len Palmisano Transportation Operations Manager 585-477-3092 leonard.palmisano@kodak.com
Norm Brunelle Transport Mode Manager, Ocean Export 585-477-5886 norman.brunelle@kodak.com
Rhonda Walsh Transport Mode Manager, Air, Parcel & High Value Equipment 585-588-6851 rhonda.walsh@kodak.com
Kevin Buckert Transportation Mode Manager, Domestic/Export Ground FTL/LTL 585-722-3090 kevin.buckert@kodak.com
Roy LaDue Import Transportation Specialist / Shipping Instructions 585-588-7276 roy.ladue@kodak.com
US Imports Tracking US Shipment Tracking N/A US-Import-Tracking@kodak.com
US Shipping Instructions US Shipping Instructions N/A US-Import
Ryan Arnone WW Purchasing Transportation Manager – Ocean 585-781-9538 ryan.arnone@kodak.com
Doug Kennedy WW Purchasing Transportation Manager – Air & Truck 585-724-4493 douglas.kennedy@kodak.com
Kathy Schirmer-Arena Freight Payment Specialist 585-588-2562 katherine.schirmer@kodak.comm