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   Customer Service


Kodak US has a dedicated group of Export Customer Service and Export
Shipping representatives in Rochester, NY who process incoming purchase
and sales orders and manage the shipment and documentation requirements for the export of Kodak goods and materials from the US to over 50 countries and regions, worldwide.

They are dedicated to familiarize themselves with the practices and requirements of each country a shipment is exporting to. This dedication helps to assure export documents are created in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country in which the goods are being shipped, while maintaining compliance with the export laws and regulations of US Department of Homeland Security. To support these initiatives, this team works closely with the Export Compliance team.

See Regulatory Compliance and Contacts sections for further information.

Exporting Miscellaneous Materials (non-stocked)

On occasion Kodak will export items, which are not normally inventoried items, goods or products of Eastman Kodak Company. They may be items used in Research and Development, equipment assembly, etc. These items require special shipment and documentation handling.

Your Kodak contact should work with a member of the Export Customer Service team to assure proper export documentation preparation and shipment handling takes place, in order to provide optimum delivery service and guarantee best in class practices are applied.

Examples of miscellaneous items which require special documentation treatment for export:
  • Assembly equipment
  • Breadboards and development objects
  • Capital Assets
  • Capital Project items and equipment
  • Hand-carried items leaving the US
  • Miscellaneous chemicals including samples
  • Repairable spare parts
  • Tooling or kits
  • Unauthorized finished/semi-finished goods returning to a customer

Note: Kodak US will NOT export personal items of any kind, regardless of the request, purpose or urgency.