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Routing Instructions


Mode Selection

  • Mode is the method of transporting goods and materials from origin to
    destination based on weight of the shipment, utilizing the most economical
    method to meet service requirements.
  • Mode selection determines service times and the unit cost of transportation.
  • The principle modes of transportation covered herein are: Ground (small package), Less Than Truckload (LTL), Truckload (TL), Air (small package or freight), and High Value Equipment.

Carrier Selection

Parcel Shipments:
Parcel Carriers Weight Break Contact
UPS* 1lb but < 400 lbs. 800-877-1497
USPS < 1lb  
* NOTE: Any single package with an actual weight of more than 150 Lbs, or exceeding 108 inches in length, or exceeding 165 inches combined length and girth (2 x width) + (2 x height), as measured to determine their billable weight, are not accepted by UPS. These package types would need to revert to the "LTL (Less-than-truckload) shipments" noted below.

LTL (Less-than-truckload) Shipments:
LTL Carriers Weight Break Contact
FedEx Freight Priority 9 Pallet Positions or less (no more than 18 skids, up to 19,999 Lbs.) 866-393-4585

Effective 2011, FedEx Freight has become FedEx Freight Priority. Kodak/Vendor shipments should use this service level for routine LTL shipments.

TL (Truckloads) Shipments:
TL Carrier Weight and Pallet Break Contact Info
M and L Trucking Over 9 Pallet Positions or weight greater than 19,999 lbs.
(with a max of 40,000 lbs.)
Email: Rochester@mltrucking.com

- Advanced notice for Non Haz TL's 1 – 3 days and Haz TL's require additional notice.
- When tendering a TL, shipper / vendor should provide:
  • Valid Kodak PO number or Reference number.
  • Complete address information for both shipper and receiver to include: phone number, hours and contact information.
  • Weight, piece count and product description.
  • If load requires a Haz driver, provide UN Class.
  • Equipment type needed (Dry Van or Temperature Controlled).
- A copy of the BOL will need to be faxed on the same day of pickup to carrier: 585-641-3036.

Air Shipments:
All air shipments require AUTHORIZATION from the Kodak buyer who is purchasing the material from you. If approved, a KODAK Account Number will be provided to you.
Air Carrier Definition of Move Weight Break Contact Information General Service
UPS Parcel Carrier
Small packages
No more than 150 lbs per piece Non-palletized package only 1-800-PICK-UPS
Service time is generally by noon. See website for specifics
UPS SCS Freight Carrier - Large packages or palletized freight 150 lbs or greater or multi pieces of palletized freight 1-866-696-3656
Most service time by 5:00 pm. See website for specifics

High Value Equipment:
Clark-Mayflower is the Kodak preferred carrier.
  • Contact Kodak account Customer Service Representative at telephone 585-594-5000 ext 108.
Required information includes:
  • Pick-up address, Consignee Address, Weight, Dimensions, number of pieces
  • Any specialized needs like inside delivery, padded, air-ride trucking, and specific time for delivery time, etc.
  • Reference the Kodak purchase order number.
  • The Kodak buyer shall provide the charge number for the Bill Of Lading. If one wasn't provided, please ask your buyer for it.
  • For any questions, contact the Kodak Transportation Department.

Third Party Drop-Shipments

Third party shipments are shipments to non-Kodak destinations at the request of Kodak. Example: Supplier to Supplier; Supplier to Customer, etc.

  • Kodak will hold the supplier named on the purchase order responsible for following these shipping guidelines.
  • Coordination may be needed between the Kodak purchasing and transportation departments to insure appropriate carriers are being used for these moves.
    • LTL and TL moves do not require an account number. The supplier is to "Bill 3rd Party" to the following address:
      Cass Information Systems
      If sending freight bill through US Postal Service:
      Eastman Kodak Company
      c/o Cass Information Systems
      P.O. Box 67
      St. Louis, MO 63166-0067
      If delivering freight bill by courier:
      Eastman Kodak Company
      c/o Cass Information Systems
      13001 Hollenberg Drive
      Bridgeton, MO 63044

    • For air shipments, the air waybill will be filled out as "Bill 3rd Party to Account Number ###", as provided by your Kodak buyer.
      • Put the Kodak PO# in the Customer Reference field.
    • Ground parcel shipment third party moves will require an account number.
      • If you are a frequent shipper in need of movements of this type, a unique account number may be set up for you if certain qualifications and approvals are met. Please contact your Kodak buyer for further information and assistance.