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Delivery Locations

For all inbound shipments, please be advised of the following
addresses where materials can be receipted:
Eastman Kodak Company *
100 Latona Road
Gate 340, B-326, Door G
Rochester, NY 14652
Tel: 585-588-5531
Eastman Kodak Company
C/O Ryder Logistics

12035 Moya Boulevard
Reno, NV 89506 US
Tel: 775-785-3300
(Synthetic Chemicals)
Eastman Kodak Company
100 Latona Road, Gate 340
Bldg # 103, 119, 148, 325, or 350
Rochester, NY 14652 US
Tel: 585-588-3896
Eastman Kodak Company

760 South Wolf Road
Wheeling, IL 60090
Tel: 800-698-3324
Eastman Kodak Company *
100 Latona Road, Gate 340
Bldg # 119, Doors A-D
Rochester, NY 14652
Tel: 585-588-3896
Eastman Kodak Company
C/O Flextronics

6380 East Holmes Road
Dock Doors 61, 63, 65, 67, 69
Memphis, TN 38141
Tel: 901-508-3145
Eastman Kodak Company *
66 Eastman Avenue
KRL, CTR Rcvg, B-82, Dr-J
Rochester, NY 14650 US
Tel: 585-477-4742
Eastman Kodak Company
C/O DHL Warehouse Service Parts

4900 Creekside Parkway
Lockbourne, OH 43137
Tel: 800-765-1957
Eastman Kodak Company
9952 Eastman Park Drive
Bldg C-15
Windsor, CO 80051 US
Tel: 970-686-4110
Eastman Kodak Company
1017 N Las Palmas
Hollywood, CA 90038 US
Tel: 323-468-1575
Eastman Kodak Company
C/O Ryder Logistics

4585 Cargo Drive
Columbus, GA 31907 US
Tel: 706-565-3224
For UPS ground and air inbound shipments to Kodak:
  • Follow Puchase Order instructions
  • Account Number (freight collect) will be included on the  PO.
Note: This is a change from the UPS Consignee billing process previously used, effective July 6, 2009.
* For full truckload (TL) shipments for Rochester, NY: 
They should go to the Bldg. 502 Door S1 or S2 address, except if they are specific to (Synthetic Chemicals). These shipments should be delivered directly to the (Synthetic Chemicals) buildings (as noted above), for which they are intended.

For any location via air:
  • The air waybill will be filled out as "BILL RECEIVER".
  • Account Number (freight collect) to be provided by the Kodak buyer).
  • Put Kodak PO# in Customer Reference field.