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EU Compliance

The supplier's/seller's shipper (ship-from) location and
transportation carriage agents should make sure they are in
compliance with the EU Customs requirements and other EU
Government laws. For your convenience the following Internet websites may be of interest.

Wood Packing Material (WPM) Regulations (ISPM 15)

  • The European Commision requires all Wood Packing Materials (WPM) coming into the EU to be heat-treated or fumigated and appropriately marked as such, using the "IPPC Certified Mark"
  • Paper certificates of treatment are not acceptable.
  • For more information on these requirements, visit the Food Safety website of DG Health & Consumer Protection.

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status:

  • Economic operators can apply for an AEO status either to have easier access to customs simplifications or to be in a more favourable position to comply with the new security requirements. Under this new security framework, which will become applicable from 1 July 2009, economic operators will have to submit pre-arrival and pre-departure information on goods entering or leaving the EU. The security type of AEO certificate will allow their holders to benefit from facilitations with regard to the new customs controls relating to security.
  • Please consult TAXUD customs and security website to find the latest version of the AEO Guidelines.

Import Control System (ICS)

  • From 01 January 2011, EU Customs requires that international carriers (or their legal representative) must submit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the first customs point of entry into the European Community territory and for all Air, Ocean, Road shipments.
  • Switzerland and Norway are included in the EU Community for ICS regulation.

Shipping Method

Submit ENS

Maritime containerized cargo

At least 24 hours before loading at the port of departure

Short sea to French overseas departments*, Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands

At least two (2) hours before arrival

Maritime bulk/break bulk cargo

At least four (4) hours before arrival

Short-haul flights – less than four (4) hours

At the time of actual take-off

Long-haul flights

At least four (4) hours before arrival

Road traffic

At least one (1) hour before arrival

*French Overseas Departments: French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Barthelemy (Saint Barts), Saint Martin, Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Wallis & Futuna

  • For more information regarding this ICS regulation, visit the following  EU Customs website.