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    Shipping Instructions: Packing List Preparation (EAMER)

    Every packing list must include the following:

    • Buyer’s (sold-ti/Importer) complete name and address
    • Seller’s (supplier complete company name and address, including contact name and phone number
    • Shipper’s (ship-from) complete company name and address if different from the seller
    • Ship-to consignee/delivery destination complete name and address, including contact name and telephone number
    • Commercial invoice number and invoice date
    • Invoice gross weight (kilograms) and when known net weight (kilograms)
    • Precised description of the products , including Catalog, Material and/or parts numbers
    • Kodak purchase order number or applicable reference number (e.g return authorization number)
    • Manufacturer name for each product if different from supplier
    • Country of Origin (country of manufacture) for each product
    • Item quantities and unit of measure for each product
    • Item case quantity, gross and net weight (kilograms)
    • Package ID#
    • Value of the products with defined correct currency (unit price when multiple products per catalog number). No-charge values are not acceptable

    When a shipment is known not to be owned by Kodak at time of EU border crossing (for Purchase on Consignment shipments), clearly state on the commercial invoice the following statement: “We certify the value indicated on this invoice to be the exact value to be paid by Eastman Kodak Sarl to the vendor at the time of transfer of title and ownership”.

    Packing List Example