Shipping Instructions: CMR Preparation (EAMER)

The CMR must include the following:

  • Carrier’s name and address
  • Foreign supplier’s /seller’s complete name and address
  • Shipper’s (seller’s warehouse, factory or 3rd Party Logistics provider) complete name and address
  • Foreign supplier’s commercial invoice number
  • Ship-to consignee/delivery destination complete name and address and Importer of Record’s name and address if different from ship-to/consignee
  • Material numbers/marks or spare parts numbers/marks, etc
  • Number of parcels/cases and number and type of pallets
  • Precised description of the products OR-harmonized tariff code number for non intra-EU shipments
  • IMO internationally-recognized hazardous material code (where applicable)
  • Gross weight (kilograms) and when known net weight (kilograms)
  • Reference field: Kodak purchase order or applicable reference number
  • Freight terms (Incoterms®2010 rules) including Freight Payment Terms
  • Notify Party where applicable
  • Truck number (plate number of the truck)
  • CMR number
  • Seal number (for FTL shipments only)
  • Signature, stamp and loading date at the shipper

Note: A CMR may cover multiple shipments in a truck but can’t cover multiple trucks.

CRM example