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Domestic Air and Ground
 Domestic Carriers  Phone  Province of Pick-up
Apex Forwarding 1-800-895-2739 Ontario (outside GTA)
Cavalier Transport 1-800-263-2394 Ontario (within GTA)
DHL (for all small parcel in Canada) 1-877-456-6647 All Provinces (under 150 lbs)
CEVA 1-800-668-6870 All Provinces (Air shipments only)
Sameday Right-o-Way 1-800-463-7772 QC, NB, NS, PEI, NL, MB, SK, AB, BC, NWT, YT


East coast: Kodak Canada, Inc. (KCI) and
West coast: Kodak Graphic Canada Communications Company (KGCCC)
Contact Name Title/Responsibility Telephone e-mail Address
John Vakiener Corporate Compliance Manager (US&C) 585-588-2509 (US) john.vakiener@kodak.com
Debbie Reumann US/CA Import / Compliance Analyst 585-588-2026 (US) debbie.reumann@kodak.com
Justin De Souza Kodak Canada Inc. (KCI) Import/Export Logistics 905-502-1009 justin.desouza@kodak.com
Wendy Patrick KCI – Import Specialist 905-502-7425 wendy.patrick@kodak.com
Angie Faenza-Nishio KCI – Import Specialist 905-502-6183 angie.faenza-nishio@kodak.com
KCI - Import/Export Logistics  


Raz Nacu KGCCC – Import/Export Logistics KGCCC – Import/Export Logistics raz.nacu@kodak.com
Glenn Oddy KGCCC – Customs Compliance Coordinator 604-451-2742 glenn.oddy@kodak.com
Henry H. Ho KGCCC – Customs Classification Specialist 604-419-4795 henry.h.ho@kodak.com
Kathy Frisch US/CA Customs Classification Specialist 585-722-0290 or
Paul Jensen US/CA Customs Classification Specialist 585-722-0290 or
477-7643 (US)
Diane Newell US/CA Customs Classification Specialist 585-722-0290 or
477-4647 (US)

1KGCCC associates are part of the GE&CF (Graphics, Entertainment & Commercial Films) division of Eastman Kodak Company.

2KCI and US associates are part of the WWRO (Worldwide Regional Operations Americas Logistics Import/Import Compliance) division of Eastman Kodak Company.