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     Title V Air Permit


    In 2002, Eastman Business Park became subject to a new site-wide Title V Air Permit issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This permit includes many special rules about air emissions at Eastman Business Park, and Contractors must comply with them the same as Kodak, or suffer the consequences. What this means to you is that vapors, dusts, or chemicals caused by your work will need to be pre-approved in the HSE Plan or by your Kodak Representative. Contractors will be subject to fines for non-compliances the same as Kodak under this permit.

    The examples noted below are situations where Contractors could be impacted by the permit:

    • Setting up a temporary welding booth by tying into existing ductwork or a fan exhausting out the side of the building may be regulated under the air permit.

    • Any activity that blocks a ventilation system or shuts off a pollution control device could put that unit out of compliance with the permit.