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     Contractor Minimum HSE Performance

     Requirements for Rochester Sites


    HSE Performance Goals on Kodak Rochester Sites 
             Zero Incidents
             100% Compliance

    Contractor HSE Performance Criteria
             EMR 1, or below
             Company OSHA Rate 5, or below
             HSE Violations = no significant violations
             DOT Safety Rating = Satisfactory
             Written HSE Program = Certified by Company Signature
             Service Supplier HSE History Report (PDF)

    Consequences For Not Maintaining Acceptable Rates:

    1. Contractors that fall below these requirements will be notified by Rochester Site Contracting Office (RSCO) and asked to develop an improvement plan.
    2. Regular updates with the RSCO will be conducted to monitor progress.
    3. There will be joint HSE audits by the Contractor and RSCO.
    4. Contractors that do not meet the established HSE Performance criteria and/or refuse to develop an HSE improvement plan will be prohibited from bidding on future jobs/projects and/or removed from the site for a period of time determined by the Commodity Manager.
    5. RSCO HSE will provide status reports to Purchasing on the improvement plan and measures.

    Please contact the Site Contracting Office for specific information on your company's HSE performance.