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    Supplier Social & Environmental Responsibility

    Eastman Kodak Company is committed to operate in an environmentally, ethically and socially responsible manner. This commitment includes maintaining safe facilities and operations and providing goods that are safe and minimize environmental burdens throughout their life cycle. Our suppliers play a key role in this commitment.

    Kodak's Supplier Standard sets expectations for supplier health, safety, environmental, labor and ethical performance, and formalizes expectations that we have always asked our suppliers to commit to. Kodak regards the Standard as a total supply chain initiative, and thus, we expect our suppliers to pass these expectations down to their suppliers to ensure conformance throughout the supply chain.

    As a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Kodak's Supplier Social and Environmental Responsibility Program aligns with industry best practices. EICC is a group of leading companies who have established a Code of Conduct to ensure that working conditions in the electronics industry are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible, and that suppliers operate in an ethically responsible manner. Kodak expects its suppliers to commit to the EICC Code, which is located at: http://www.eicc.info/. The shared goal of both Kodak and the EICC is to build awareness and capability throughout the supply chain in order to achieve consistently high standards of environmental and social responsibility.

     HSE Supplier Performance Standard (English) 
     HSE Supplier Performance Standard (Chinese) 
     HSE Supplier Performance Standard (Japanese) 
     HSE Supplier Performance Standard (Spanish) 


    HSE Product Specifications

    Find HSE Product Specifications, which includes list of Materials Requiring Declaration for suppliers of equipment products, equipment components, articles, chemical products or packaging.

    HSE Product Specifications  

    Conflict Minerals

    Eastman Kodak Company's Conflict Mineral Policy 

    Conflict Mineral Policy   

    Additional Supplier Requirements

    Suppliers must comply to the following additional terms and conditions regarding compliance with applicable laws and Kodak policies.

     Supplier MSDS Requirements  
     Supplier Labor and Ethics Requirements (English)   
     Supplier Labor and Ethics Requirements (Chinese)   
     Supplier Labor and Ethics Requirements (Japanese)   
     Supplier Labor and Ethics Requirements (Spanish)   
     Supplier Labor and Ethics Requirements (Portuguese)