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    Supplier Diversity

    Kodak's Supplier Diversity Program: Kodak is committed to being a leader in the promotion of supplier diversity. Compliance to government mandate is important, but more important is our desire to support the world-wide communities that our customers call home. In addition, engaging diverse suppliers gives Kodak the advantage of tapping the world's best and most innovative companies. That's why we consider it vital to enhance our diverse supplier base.

    Kodak's award-winning Supplier Diversity Program was established in 1989 to ensure that women- and minority-owned businesses are given the maximum opportunity to work with us.

    How the Program works

    • Outreach: Kodak's Supplier Diversity Office actively seeks diverse suppliers through business development organizations, participation in various trade show activities and utilization of various diverse supplier directories.
    • Certification: Supplier classification is verified through an independent third party or equivalent methods.
    • Qualification: Selected businesses are reviewed for consideration based on capabilities.
    • Utilization: Suppliers may be asked to participate in reverse auctions, requests for bids, contracts and other forms of purchases

    What we're looking for

    • Commitment to continuous improvement and double-digit productivity
    • Conformity to contract agreements
    • High-quality, consistent products and services that meet our specifications
    • Cooperative management
    • Sharing of the benefits achieved as a result of supplier / customer team improvements.
    • A commitment to explore "state-of-the-art" processing, tooling and manufacturing technologies in your field of endeavor

    What you can expect from us

    • Assistance from the Supplier Diversity Office Team, your partner for doing business with Kodak.
    • We will review your profile and help match your company to our needs
    • Potential early involvement in the design and establishment of requirements
    • Realistic and understandable specifications
    • Accurate forecasting of our future needs, and the early sharing of pertinent information
    • Timely payment

    About Our Supplier Diversity Team

    Kodak's Supplier Diversity Office identifies and promotes the utilization of diverse suppliers.

    Located in Rochester, New York, the Team supports the initiatives of the corporation's diverse spending goals in various locations throughout North America.

    Contact Us

    Email us at: US-SupplierDiversityOffice@kodak.com

    You may also contact us at our standard mail address:
    Eastman Kodak Company / Supplier Diversity Office
    343 State Street
    Rochester, New York 14650-0507