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Employee Networks

Careers Employee

Sharing Your Skills and Time
Kodak offers many opportunities for interaction within employee networks that encourage career advancement and support groups for people with common interests. Our networks have attracted much participation and enthusiasm, and it's no wonder; they foster interaction between people from all levels of Kodak. Read about other ways in which Kodak supports employee diversity.

Employee Networks Include:

When you join a Kodak employee network, you advance your career in many ways. For example:
  • Meeting and networking with people across all levels of Kodak
  • Learning and demonstrating new skills in a nurturing environment
  • Advancing and expanding your skill set through mentoring
  • Engaging in strong employee support systems
  • Enhancing effective communication with Kodak management
  • Working with the company to identify issues and create solutions
  • Taking part in social, networking and training activities

Networks At-A-Glance

AsiaPacific Exchange (APEX)
Members of APEX are community ambassadors creating diversity awareness and harmony among workplace employees through networking opportunities, support, and personal and professional development tools. The network assists in the recruitment, retention and advancement of qualified people of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage.

Empower Network at Kodak
The Empower Network is dedicated to helping employees with disabilities that may or may not be readily apparent to others. The network does this through active support and education that empowers members by enhancing their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA)
HOLA fosters excellence and leadership among Hispanics by offering personal growth and development opportunities through mentoring, networking and training. HOLA helps all Hispanic employees reach full potential while developing rewarding careers.

Lambda Network at Kodak
Kodak's Lambda Network supports gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered employees and their allies, empowering people to interact openly and honestly without fear. Lambda provides support and education through networking, workshops, videos, speakers and social events.

Native American Council at Kodak (NACK)
NACK improves understanding and cooperation between Kodak management, the Native American population of Western New York and Native American employees of Kodak. NACK promotes diversity and offers education, cultural awareness and other resources.

Network North Star (NNS)
NNS creates open communication channels between African-American employees and managers to enhance members' careers through mentoring, educational programs and activities. NNS builds capabilities, strengthens ties and supports Kodak's overall success.

Veterans Network of Kodak Employees (VETNET)
VETNET is an association of Kodak employees, veterans and members of the community, offering resources for veterans, their families and supporters. VETNET encourages employee support of veterans' issues and involvement in community projects for veterans.

Women's Forum of Kodak Employees (WFKE)
WFKE, a valued partner in Kodak's success for over 10 years, enables women to achieve full potential through opportunities for expanding their possibilities and realizing their goals through communications, personal development, diversity and leadership.