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Digitize Film Pictures

flower box Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!

Do more with your photos and learn how to share special moments the digital way. Getting digital images from prints is easy as 1-2-3! Let us show you how to:

• Turn film into digital pictures
• Email photos
• Share and organize photos online
• Enhance, enlarge and crop images
• Create fun projects from digital images

  Turn Film Into Digital Pictures Get Creative!
Get all the benefits of going digital - without a digital camera! After you turn your film pictures into digital images, play around with these fun, easy projects!
Get a KODAK Picture CD when you process your film for digital images that you can e-mail, enhance, and more.
Process your film with KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery for great prints delivered right to your door. Plus, you get great tools, like online albums!
 Create an Online Album 
Discover convenient film processing with KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery. It's an easy way to get digital pictures as well as tools for online sharing.
 Explore KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery 


Enrich memories by adding a warm sepia or black-and-white tone to photos.
 Enhance Your Favorite Photo 
Learn how to digitize your existing film prints, quickly and easily.
Turn a favorite shot into a pretty greeting card! Your friends and family will love the personalized message and photo!
 Create a Distinctive Photo Card