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    Monday, September 17, 2012

    KODAK Film Portfolio on Display at Photokina 2012 Through Work from Top Photographers

    About Kodak

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    • Audrey Jonckheer
      Eastman Kodak Company

    • Colleen Krenzer
      Intersect Communications

    Cologne, GERMANY, September 17 -- 

    Stunning images from up and coming and established photographers will grace the walls of the Eastman Kodak Company booth at Photokina 2012 (Booth E20, Hall 4.2). The images, captured on Kodak’s portfolio of color negative and black & white films, show the ongoing love affair photographers have with film photography.

    “Earlier this year, we posted ‘Film Matters: Tell Us Why,’ to our FACEBOOK page and people replied with this amazing passion,” said Dennis Olbrich, General Manager, Film, Paper & Output Systems and Vice President, Consumer Business, Eastman Kodak Company. “From the method of capture to the development process to the look and feel of the print, the common theme of all posts was this emotional attachment to the medium of film; that shooting film is an experience and feeling. We've always said that we simply provide the tools, and our focus is ensuring it's the highest quality film we can provide the market. What these walls here at Photokina show is how the tools we create are brought to life by photographers globally, from those just starting out to those with a long and storied history with photography.”

    Frédéric Lagrange: Frederic Lagrange, one of Photo District News Magazine's 2003 Emerging Photographers, started his career in travel photography, but turned his attention to fashion after assisting Nathaniel Goldberg. Since working with Goldberg, Lagrange’s work has landed him assignments with Anthropologie, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Louis Vuitton, Tatler, Trunk, Free People, "T" New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Port, Vanity Fair, Japanese and Spanish Vogue. Lagrange’s work, “Srinagar to Nubra,” shot completely on PORTRA 400 Film, featured prominently in the recently launched magazine, The Experientialist. In addition to his commercial work, Lagrange will publish a book on his work in Mongolia.

    On Film: “When working with film, whether it’s KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA or KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X, I’m able to capture colors, light and texture that bring depth to the subjects I shoot.”

    Michael Crouser: Michael Crouser, a fine art photographer, started his career in commercial photography. His first book, Los Toros (Twin Palms Publishers 2007), was named the best Fine Art Book at the 2008 International Photography Awards. His second book, Dog Run (Viking Studio 2008), a series on the intense play of dogs in urban dog parks, was listed as a top ten photography book of the year by the International Photography Awards, PDN and Communication Arts.

    On Film: I have used KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X for 35 years, because it best suits and reflects my personal aesthetic voice. TRI-X gives me the painterly feel that I need for my work, something that digital simply doesn't have. The medium one chooses is as important as the subject. TRI-X is the natural choice for me as a photographer and as an artist. And it always will be.”

    Eric Warner: Eric Warner, a fine art photographer, specializes in surfing and surfing lifestyle photography. A pure film shooter, Warner’s work has appeared in FOAM, On the Board, Transworld and includes campaigns for BodyGlove, Chemistry, and the Surfrider Foundation.

    On Film: “KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 is an awesome film for my underwater surf photography. The colors are so rich, which I need to capture all the different tones the ocean holds, from dawn to midday and dusk. If I need more speed, it pushes well without getting too grainy.  EKTAR's flexibility allows me to shoot at any time of the day without restraint.”

    Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud: Galdo and Cloud formed JUCO, after meeting at The San Francisco Art Institute in 2002 where Cloud received his MFA in photography and Galdo her BFA. Recently named two of "The 50 Greatest Fashion Photographers Right Now" by Complex Magazine, their work has appeared in Maxim, Teen Vogue, Hollywood Reporter, Latina, Spin and Nylon. Other clients include Nike, Sony, Microsoft, VH1, K-Swiss and Target.

    On Film: “Shooting film, and in particular KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 160, allows us to capture light in such a graceful way. It supports the sentimental aspect of our work and vision and its tonal range is phenomenal especially in hard light situations. That's one of many reasons why we love shooting film. We love the aspect of having something physical to hold and work with. Something that will stay with us for many generations, that won't disappear on us if a hard drive fails. This is why all of our most important work is all shot on film.”

    Joe McGorty: Joe McGorty shoots portraiture and commercial work, including shoots with Audrey Tautou and Vincent Cassel for Glass Magazine; John Hurt and Samantha Morton for The Weekend Guardian; and the portraits for 2012 WIRED 100 (UK). Commercial work includes shooting both full color and black & white images for some of the leading car and motorbike manufacturers in the world.

    On Film: “KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA has a lovely way of rendering skin tones. It gives smoothness across the range of tones including highlights, which can truly flatter my subjects.  Images shot on PORTRA scan beautifully and hold their depth. Years ago PORTRA was also the film stock that I spent most of my assisting days loading for photographers, I've always had an affinity with it and it’s still my choice of film today.”

    Ronan Guillou: Ronan Guillou's recent book, ANGEL, was published in 2010. His work has been exhibited in Brussels, Dublin, New York and Paris. 

    On Film: “I have been using Kodak films for many years. KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400 (120) is perfect and definitely appropriate with the kind of work I produce. What I especially appreciate is its great flexibility, its color accuracy as much as its grain (non-grainy!) definition. I can use it in many shooting conditions and situations. Whether doing prints through the enlarger or scanning the negs, PORTRA has always been faithful to my expectations. I know I can trust this film, which makes it a real and a reliable partner in my work.”

    For more information on KODAK PROFESSIONAL Films or other KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products, visit www.kodak.com/go/professional or www.facebook.com/kodakprofessional.

    About Kodak

    As the world’s foremost imaging innovator, Kodak helps consumers, businesses, and creative professionals unleash the power of pictures and printing to enrich their lives.

    (KODAK PROFESSIONAL, PORTRA, TRI-X, EKTAR, and T-MAX are trademarks of Kodak.)