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    Picture Star



    Skill Level:    Expert

    This fun-to-make "star" decoration can brighten up any room in a truly unique way. Give it as a gift, or make one for yourself.

    What You'll Need
    • A favorite picture
    • Scissors
    • Decorative trim and ribbon
    • Glue
    • Single-sided tape
    How to Make it
    Make wallet-sized prints 
    Bring a favorite picture to the nearest KODAK Picture Kiosk and touch the screen to zoom in on the part of the picture you like best.
    Cut 10 diamond shapes 
    Now it's time to make your Picture Star. Cut 10 of your wallet-sized prints into a diamond shape, and fold them in half vertically to give the star its three-dimensional look.
    Tape diamonds together 
    Begin to make the first half of the star by taping the bottom right edge of one of the diamond shapes to the bottom left edge of another. Tape on the backside of the print only; do not allow tape to contact the front of your picture.Continue to tape three more diamond shapes together in this fashion until you form one side of the star (you'll use a total of five diamond shapes to make each side of the star).Now, make the second half of the star by taping the remaining five diamond shapes together.
    Connect the two halves of the star 
    To connect the two halves of the star, tape the outside edges on the back of one star, leaving half of the tape exposed.Place the two halves of the star back-to-back, line up the outside edges, and press gently but firmly so the exposed tape attaches one half to the other.
    Finishing touches 
    Finish by gluing with decorative trim around the edges. Then, glue a ribbon to the top so your star can be hung.