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Picture Gift Tags


Skill Level:    Moderate

Give your gifts that extra-special touch
with gift tags made from your very own pictures. It's easy with the KODAK Picture Kiosk!

What You'll Need
  • Some favorite pictures (of you or other gift-givers)
  • Colored cardstock in two colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole-punch
  • Ribbon
How to Make it

   Make a 5" x 7" print 
Take your picture to the nearest KODAK Picture Kiosk and touch the screen to start.Select the option Make Prints Using Different Pictures, and follow the on-screen directions.
  Add text to your picture 
While still in Edit, choose Add Text and type in your very own message or greeting for each picture.*
  Make your tags 
Once you've made your Picture Kiosk prints, it's time to make your gift tags.First, cut a 5" square from one color of cardstock and a 5" x 6" x 2" rectangle from a different color of cardstock.Place the square on top of the rectangle and rotate it to create a diamond shape. Glue in place.Place your picture in the center of the diamond shape and glue it in place.When the glue has dried, punch a hole at the top of the completed tag. Loop a ribbon through the hole, and tie the tag to your gift.

* Note: if you wish, you could also use a single picture, scan it four times, and add four different greetings