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    When you see Kodak's green leaf logo, you'll know you are choosing a product with unique environmental attributes, a service that will help you manage your environmental footprint, or a recycling and reuse program that leverages our commitment to environmental responsibility.

    But, we won't be putting this logo just anywhere. First and foremost, we want our products to carry the recognition of objective and respected third parties like ENERGY STAR®, whenever possible. Only for those products that aren't covered by one of these programs will we consider applying our leaf design.

    You can also rest assured that the Kodak Cares mark will always be linked with measurable, proven, positive environmental activities - products, services, and programs that represent the best of our best. That's a commitment you can depend on, because Kodak Cares is more than just a mark–it's our way of doing business.

     Green Leaf-Sonora

    Printer's EnviroServices Program (PEP)

    Low Chemistry
    KODAK Plates
    use non-ablative, image writing technology to enable plate making without traditional plate processing equipment and chemistry. Imaged plates go directly to press, by-passing traditional plate processing steps, where normal start-up procedures employ a coating technology to complete the plate making process. Without the need for plate processing equipment and the associated chemistry, printers can realize a number of environmental benefits from the technology, such as reduced chemical management requirements, and reduced energy and water use.

    Eliminating the plate processing equipment and chemistry is a significant step change in the evolution of digital plate technology. Furthermore, SONORA XP Plates are the first process free plates Kodak has launched since the Kodak Cares environmental branding system was introduced in 2010, and they demonstrate a notable improvement in the process free technology's printing capabilities. For these reasons, the SONORA XP Plates were selected to carry the Kodak Cares green leaf logo.

    use up to 70% less chemistry than previous plate systems from Kodak. In making this determination, Kodak partnered with J Zarwan Partners and applied the same methodology used in their 2009 study, The Environmental Impact of a Printing Plate, to compare TRILLIAN SP Plates with two alternatives - KODAK SWORD EXCEL and KODAK ELECTRA. Relying on product specifications supplemented by customer information where available, total chemistry use was estimated for each Plate under a standard set of operating assumptions, and a savings in chemistry use was calculated. Actual results may vary.
    use up to 56% lower chemistry consumption when processed with our latest KODAK 400 xLo Chemistry rather than the KODAK 300 Thermal Plate Developers. In making this determination, Kodak measured actual developer use during regular operations at five customer sites for varying time periods ranging from 15 to 150 days. Each site had a KODAK MERCURY T-HD processor of either the 1250 or the 850 size and a unique model plate setter. Developer consumption was measured first using 300 Thermal Plate Developer with top up replenishment and then using 400 xLo Developer and Replenisher for the same volume of plates over the same number of days and operating conditions. From these values, a percentage savings in chemistry was calculated. Four out of 5 customers achieved over 50% savings in chemistry consumption when using 400 xLo with ELECTRA XD Plates. The greatest savings realized was 56%.

    Because the chemistry savings for TRILLIAN and ELECTRA is truly significant, these Plates were selected for the Kodak Cares green leaf logo.
    Industry-leading ink savings
    KODAK COLORFLOW Software and KODAK Ink Optimization Solution
    COLORFLOW Software and Ink Optimization Solution deliver up to a 30% savings in ink. This result was documented by IDEAlliance in its IPA Ink Optimization RoundUP in June 2010, an independent technical evaluation of ink optimization solutions. For this study, 11 commercially available ink optimization solutions were studied from 11 different manufacturers.

    An inkjet and two offset prints made on a single paper type for each ink optimization solution were evaluated using printing and colorimetry tests in accordance with GRACoL 2006 Coated #1 reference printing conditions. The same inkjet and press equipment was used for all prints. Results documented no impact to print quality and ink savings between 17% and 30% for all ink optimization solutions. .

    COLORFLOW Software and Ink Optimization Solution realized a 30% savings, the greatest ink savings of the 11 solutions included in the evaluation.
    Energy Efficient
    KODAK FLEXCEL Direct System
    The FLEXCEL Direct System is Kodak's first FLEXCEL system to use high-resolution, multi-channel laser diode array technology to directly engrave elastomer material. Laser diodes are widely acknowledged as being highly energy efficient.

    The FLEXCEL Direct laser technology is advantaged over the gas laser technology utilized in other parts of the flexographic market for its lower energy requirements. For these reasons the FLEXCEL Direct System carries the Kodak Cares green leaf logo.