Kodak Specialty Chemicals — Equipment

The capacity to execute
Our U.S. manufacturing site has glass-lined and stainless steel reactor systems scaled from 22-liters to 3,780 liters to handle everything from pilot batches to multi-ton commercial quantities. Our batch equipment offers us flexibility, which gives you flexibility of choice.
  • Batch Reactors
    • 88 G/L and SS reactors
    • Distributed controls
    • Pilot to 1,000-gallon scale
  • Drying
    • Rotary and tray dryers
  • Grinding, blending and custom packaging
  • Isolation Equipment
    • Centrifuge, filter press
    • Membrane press
  • Milling
    • Media and micromedia mills
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Agitator dryer
  • Filter dryer
  • High vacuum distillation and fractional distillation
  • Pilot-scale high-pressure reactors
  • Powder compaction
  • Wiped film evaporator
Our U.S. operations also include these chemical production facilities:
  • Distillation plant for solvent recovery
  • Dispersion and ink-making plant