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    KODAK ESTAR Films (Polyester)

    KODAK ESTAR Film (Polyester) 
    Kodak is the second oldest polyester producer in the world. We currently manufacture over 75 different polyester films from 4 mil to 7.5 mil in thickness and up to 56 inches wide. Products include general purpose films, optically clear films and highly conductive films for use in displays using resistive and projective capacitive applications.

    Product features: 

    Coatings applied in-line on one or both sides 

    • Adhesion promoting
    • Antistatic coatings
    • Adhesion promoting coatings for inks
    • Gel layers
    • Uncoated films

    Heat Stabilized Films done in line (4 to 7.5 mil) 

    • MD and TD shrinkage of 0.2% or less
    • Optical Quality
    • Cost Effective

    Low Haze Growth films 

    • Minimize haze growth when exposed to elevated processing temperatures
    • Proprietary process can be used with or without coatings

    Highly Conductive Films 

    • Resistivity of 300 to 150 ohms per square
    • Invisible pattern if desired
    • Single or Dual sided

    Kodak Polyester Films are available to meet your specific requirements. Kodak has the ability to work with you to manufacture specialized films to meet your requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.


    Product information sheets (PDFs):