Small Scale Slot Die Coater

Small Scale Slot Die Coater
  • Aqueous and solvent solutions up to 10,000 cps
  • Solution volumes as low as 500 cc
  • Gear pump and pressure vessel delivery options
  • Plastic, paper, and metal webs at widths up to 10"
  • Web speeds of 5 to 50 fpm
  • In-line CDT prior to coating
  • Drying/curing temperatures up to 250° F
  • Humidity control of dryer air from 20F to 60F dew point
  • Nitrogen purge, 300 W/in UV lamp with D/H/H+ bulb options
  • Additional configuration options include:
    • Wet and dry lamination
    • Nitrogen-inert coating
    • In-line roller nip (variable locations)