Intermediate Scale Coating Machine: Dip Coating

Dip Coating
  • Aqueous and solvent solutions
  • 4 separate dip tanks with 12L volume per tank
  • 16” immersion length per tank
  • Replenishment and recirculation options for each tank
  • Squeegee roller and air knife drying options
  • Plastic, paper, and metal webs at thickness of 5 microns and up
  • Web widths up to 17"
  • Web speeds from 3 to 200 fpm
  • In-line CDT prior to coating
  • 60’ Drying/curing oven at temperatures up to 450° F
  • Nitrogen purge, 600 W/in UV lamp with D/H/H+ bulb options
  • Additional configuration options include:
    • Wet and dry lamination
    • In-line roller nip at exit of drying oven

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