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    Industrial Materials Group

    A Century of Science in your Hands
    For more than 100 years, Kodak has been giving imagination an outlet by creating new ideas, then bringing them to life. Today that science can empower you in thousands of ways. Benefit from base manufacture expertise. Explore chemical synthesis technology. Leverage thin-film coating capabilities. Capitalize on proven materials science. And do it all in manufacturing facilities tailored just for you. Our Industrial Materials Group has the experience to help you create what's next, so you can bring tomorrow's ideas to market today.
    PET Films — The flexible film base and coatings to build your products and applications
    Printed Circuit Boards — Silver films and processing chemicals for the electronics industry
    Specialty Chemicals — Finding the chemical processes to bring your ideas to life
    Coating & Testing Services — Industrial coating facilities to create and evaluate your products
    Gravure Services — High-quality gravure solvent-coated products with industry leading technology
    Solvent Recovery — Reclaiming usable solvent from your waste and byproduct streams
    Aerial Imaging Products and Services — Large-format aerial films and chemicals for remote sensing and photogrammetry
    Custom & Specialty
    Flexible Displays
    Food / Nutraceutical
    Fuel Cells / Thin Film
    Graphic Arts
    Optical Films
    Packaging Films
    Printed Circuit Boards
    Solvent Recovery
    Specialty Coatings
    Thin Film Electronics
    Over the past 100 years, Kodak has constantly used scientific knowledge and creativity to give innovation an outlet. Along the way, that century of science has led us from the invention of transparent photographic film, the world's first digital camera, to today's resistive touchscreens. But our technical heritage has also built a strong base of knowledge in areas Kodak has only begun to influence. Areas like electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, coatings and photovoltaics. It's the foundation for some of today's most exciting technologies. And it's ready to become the driving force behind your next big breakthrough.