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Top 10 Tips for Doing More with your Kodak
Digital Frame

tips image
Go ahead, be a show-off. You’ve taken all those pictures, now you make them come alive on your digital frame. Find out more about how to always have your favorite memories in your living room and your heart.
  1. EasyShare Software is easier
  2. Make changes right on the frame
  3. Adjust your language
  4. Set up your slideshows
  5. Personalize your frame
  6. Give your frame a facelift
  7. Extra memory for your memories
  8. Position your frame right
  9. Landscape or Portrait?
  10. How to care for your frame
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1 EasyShare Software: Reach out and receive more pictures.

Get pictures and videos from multiple sources on your frame quickly and easily.
Copying pictures/videos from EasyShare software

  • Install EasyShare software to make sure you have the latest version.
  • Connect the USB cable.
  • On your computer, open EasyShare software. Select the pictures in My Collection and drag them into the Picture tray.
  • In the menu bar, select File ? Copy to.
    (The picture frame appears as removable drives—one drive for each connected picture location in the frame, in this order: internal memory, memory cards, USB devices)
  • Select the frame location to which you are copying.
  • Select Best For Digital Picture Frame to reduce the resolution of the pictures you are copying. Full resolution is unnecessary and quickly fills up the frame's memory. Click Copy. Pictures are copied to your frame.

Copying pictures on your frame

  • Copy pictures/videos from your current picture location to any other connected device or location. For example, copy pictures from a memory card to the frame’s internal memory (My Frame).
  • Press arrows to find a picture/video, then press Menu
  • Press arrows to highlight Copy, then press OK.
  • Press arrows to highlight the location you want to copy to, and press OK.

Copying pictures to/from your computer

  • Copy pictures between your frame and your computer using your computer’s normal file copying tools.
  • Connect the USB cable from the frame to your computer
  • On your computer, open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
    (The picture frame appears as removable drives—one drive for each connected picture location in the frame)
  • Select one of the destinations: internal memory, memory cards, USB devices.
  • Navigate to the pictures you want to copy. Then drag and drop them to the new location.

Note: See your computer documentation for more information on copying files.

Deleting pictures/videos

  • Press arrows to find a picture/video, then press Menu.
  • Press up/down arrows to highlight Delete, then press OK.
  • Highlight Delete and press OK again to confirm.
  • To cancel the deletion, highlight Exit and press OK.


Note: You can delete pictures/videos from a card, internal memory, and some USB devices.
sd card
usb flash drive

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2 Quick Touch Border: Bet you never knew your touch could do so much.

Navigate and control your digital frame with the illuminated touch panel along the sides of the fame and keep those fingerprints off Nana’s face.*

  • Touch along the raised guide at the bottom (tap/slide) or right (tap only) border to find/highlight menu items or pictures/videos
  • Press OK to select them

Note: The screen is not touch-sensitive. Do not touch.* Quick Touch available on select frames.
navigation section of picture frame

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3 Language: Your frame speaks your language.

Set up your frame with the language of your choice.

  • The language screen appears the first time you power up your frame.
  • Using the touch border, slide to find your language
  • Select your language for your Kodak digital frame and press OK.
digital picture frame

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4 Slideshows: Time for the curtain call. Let the show begin.

Why pick one photo when you can have them all? Watch a slideshow of your favorite pictures on your frame.

  • Insert a memory card, camera, or other USB device
  • The pictures are automatically displayed in the order they appear on the card or USB device
  • When viewing thumbnails, a slideshow, or a single view picture, press Menu. Select Set as My Slideshow, then press OK.
digital picture frame

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5 Slideshows: Time for the curtain call. Let the show begin.

Personalize Your Frame: Suit yourself. Customize your frame’s settings.
Set your frame up just the way you like it. Configure your frame by slide duration, transitions, screen fit and brightness.

  • The options in the Settings menu let you customize and configure your frame.
  • Tap "Home", then "Settings"
  • Slide or tap below the slider arrows to highlight a setting, then tap OK.
  • Go to "options"
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. Tap OK to accept your selections.
sd card

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6 Get Your Look: Make your frame as stylish as you are.

Change things up a bit one of the included mattes. Add a splash of color with cranberry red or silver.

  • Simply snap onto the frame and update the look to suit your own personal style
digital frame with picture of girl

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7 Display more images: Now you don’t have to pick favorites.

More memories please! With 2 card slots you can enjoy even more of your digital pictures.*

  • To insert a card, push the card firmly into the slot until it stops
  • To remove a card from:
    • Top card slot: push in the card to release it
    • Bottom card slot: pull out the card

Note: Do not insert a micro or mini memory card without an adapter
Available on select frames
digital frame with picture of girl

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8 Adjust position: Set your frame right.

The choice is yours. Angle your frame to best display either portrait or landscape images.

  • Rotate the stand 90 °, then pull it out or push it in to adjust the frame angle.

Note: When displayed with the stand extended, the frame rests at a 68-90 ° angle
digital frames

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9 Landscape or Portrait: Change your perspective.

Switch the orientation of your pictures between landscape and portrait to display your best shots in interesting and different ways.

  • Tap "Home", then "Settings"
  • Slide or tap below the slider arrows to highlight the setting "viewing options" then tap OK.
  • Tap "Frame orientation"
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to Specify whether you wish to display your frame in landscape (default) or portrait orientation.
  • Tap OK to accept your selections.
digital frame buttons

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10 Frame care: Hugs, kisses and a good wipe down.

Keep your frame looking as good as your pictures.

  • Gently wipe the frame, LCD, or matte with a clean, dry cloth.
  • For fingerprints on the frame, apply light pressure

Note: Always disconnect the power before cleaning. Do not use water, cleaning solutions, or other adhesives on the frame or any of its parts.
woman holding digital frame