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    Product Stewardship

    Kodak has a long history of product stewardship, going back many years to recovering silver from manufacturing and photofinishing operations and to efficiently recycling post consumer polyester scrap into new film base. A simple definition of product stewardship is reducing the life cycle impacts of products. Kodak has developed the following definition:

    Product Stewardship is an integrated business process for identifying, managing and minimizing the health, safety and environmental risks throughout all stages of a product's life in the best interest of society and our key stakeholders; customers, employees and shareholders. 

    The life cycle stages every product goes through include procurement of raw materials and components, research and development, manufacture, distribution, customer use and customer disposal or end-of-life. Kodak uses these life cycle considerations not only to reduce HSE risks but also in the business decision-making process in order to create sustainable competitive advantage for the company.

    In 1998 Kodak publicized the first set of corporate environmental goals and in 2004 the successful completion was summarized and a new broader set of corporate HSE goals for 2004-2008 was announced. From a product point of view the first goals focused on elimination of heavy metals, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI and lead from products. The 2004-2008 goals include a more expansive Product Stewardship goal, which incorporates progress across the entire life cycle but also retains a quantitative element in the elimination of lead solder and chromium VI from 95% of new products commercialized in 2008. This new Product Stewardship goal builds on the longstanding legacy of providing sound products to customers and the success of the 1999-2003 corporate goals to take Design for Health, Safety and Environment to a new level of accomplishment.
    Kodak has an established suite of tools and programs that support the life cycle stages.
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