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    How does Kodak define Diversity & Inclusion?

    At Kodak, we believe that Diversity and Inclusion is essential to our success.

    Each of us is unique.  Diversity recognizes and celebrates our individual differences.  Traditionally, the word has been linked to specific categories like race and gender.  At Kodak, we define it more broadly to include other aspects of an individual such as age; socio-economic status; sexual orientation; disabilities; past experiences; military service; religious beliefs; and uniqueness of thoughts and ideas. 

    Inclusion involves harnessing these diverse forces and resources in a way that is beneficial to our employees and our company.   It’s about putting Diversity into action. Inclusion creates an environment of involvement, respect, and connection – where diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are harnessed to create greater business value. This enables us to achieve better end results.

     What makes Diversity and Inclusion important at Kodak?

    The basic premise is the greater variety and depth of differences, the more creative and innovative we are in creating products and services for a diverse world. 

    Diversity & Inclusion at Kodak is aligned with our business growth objectives and focuses on three priorities:

    • Organizationally Inclusive Culture
    • Knowledge and Skill Development for Global inclusion
    • Global Employee Demographics

    At our core, we seek a culture where our employees feel included, engaged, energized, and valued.  One that respects and leverages the diversity of our people, thoughts, ideas – this creates growth and innovation.  At Kodak, we strive to create an inclusive culture where all employees feel the success of Kodak and share a common drive to meet our critical business objectives.

    How do employees participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives at Kodak? 

    Kodak sponsors eight employee networks which support a culture of inclusion and provide a pulse on cultural developments at the grass roots level. These include:

    • The Women’s Forum of Kodak Employees (WFKE)
    • Network North Star (NNS)
    • The Lambda Network
    • The Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA)
    • Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX)
    • The Native American Council at Kodak (NACK)
    • The Veterans Network of Kodak Employees (VetNet)
    • The Empower Network


    What makes Kodak a good place for diverse groups to work?

    Kodak's has been consistently recognized by many external organizations for its work in diversity and inclusion. For example:

    • For every year of its Corporate Equality Index, the Human Rights Campaign has given Kodak a perfect score for its policies that support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) employees.

    What kinds of programs does Kodak have to accommodate diverse lifestyles?

    Kodak is recognized as a leader in policies and programs that provide employees and managers with resources and flexibility in meeting personal needs while contributing to the company's success. They include:

    • Adoption Assistance Plan
    • Adoption Resource Service
    • Personal Absence, Family Leave, and Short-Term Disability
    • Relocation Assistance
    • Vacation and Holidays
    • Work/Life Policies and Programs

    How does Kodak assist its employee population with managing the conflicts inherent in its diversity?

    Kodak is committed to providing effective means for the internal resolution of workplace concerns and diminishing the need for external sources of support and problem solving. Kodak Alternative Resolutions for Employees (KARE) provides employees with a way to resolve most employment - related concerns. Some examples include disciplinary action, termination and performance assessments. Options to resolve concerns include Mediation, Consultation and Single Adjudication.  KARE provides a confidential place to be heard and an independent review of the concern.