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    Innovative Product – KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates

    KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates help commercial printers reduce environmental challenges and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

    • Eliminate the need to preheat and postbake plates in an energy intensive oven.
    • Utilize up to 70% less chemistry than previous plate systems due to longer processing cycles that lower the replenishment rates. Less chemistry reduces both storage and disposal costs.
    • Use a neutral pH plate solution that will meet local sewer codes and discharge limits eliminating the need for a neutralization system.

    These environmental characteristics, combined with the plates’ fast imaging speed and consistent high-quality performance in the press room, drive notably reduced total cost of use.

    KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates have earned external recognition, as well:

    • German Printing Industry Innovation Awards 2010. Won second place for the most innovative technology in the prepress category.
    • Awarded the Must See 'ems! Award at Graph Expo 2010.
    KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates can be recycled through Kodak’s Aluminum Plate Recycling Program. This recycling program is one service that is offered through the KODAK Printer’s EnviroServices Program (PEP). Click on the PEP link for more information on Aluminum Plate Recycling and other services available in the PEP program.