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Pictures for Online Auctions

  Turn your cluttered attic and closets into top dollar with online auctions. Showcase your treasures with these simple tips for great auction photos. Pictures will increase your sales, so consider using a digital camera. You'll find it very helpful.
Use a simple background
An uncluttered background focuses attention on the subject, resulting in a stronger picture. Place your subject against a plain, non-distracting background. Alternatively, sometimes just moving yourself (and
the camera) a few feet one way or the other can eliminate distractions from view.
Create your own studio
A simple setup outside or inside by a window is all
you need. Create a plain background by draping a
bath towel or solid-color sheet over something or tacking it to the wall. Smooth out any distracting folds. Shooting the object in the shade or on a cloudy day takes advantage of soft lighting and shows more of
the detail.
Get close
This is no time to worry about composition. Get in as close as your camera allows to clearly show the
object you want to sell. If that still isn't close enough, check if your camera accepts accessory close-up lenses, or crop and enlarge the picture.
Verify details in the display screen
For close-ups with a digital camera, use the display screen to compose the picture and then review it. If you think it could be better, you can delete the picture and retake it.
Make your photos online-ready
With picture-editing software, you can adjust brightness and size, and do much more to make your pictures attract buyers. Cropping the pictures and saving them as low-resolution files will speed up download times.