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Top five reasons to go digital



  You can get digital pictures from film, prints, or a digital camera. Once you get digital pictures on your computer, you can e-mail, print, or play with them. It's incredibly easy and fun. Check out our top five reasons for going digital.

1 - See and improve pictures in a heartbeat 
You can review pictures instantly with a digital camera, so you'll be taking better pictures than ever before. Somebody frowning? Somebody clowning? Just take another picture.

2 - E-mail and print photos instantly 
Share digital pictures seconds after taking them. E-mail them anywhere; print them at home or online. Or place them in an online album, so friends and family can view your pictures and order prints.

3 - Perfect your pictures with "digital magic" 
Was a picture too dark? Did someone have red eyes? That's okay. You can use picture-editing software to lighten pictures, get rid of red eye, crop pictures, and make lots of other improvements after you take the picture.

4 - Unleash your creativity 
Fulfill those creative urges. Turn your digital pictures into photo greeting cards, high quality prints, CD album covers, photo T-shirts, online slide shows. You can do all this and more—once your pictures are digital.

5 - Enjoy pictures, enjoy life 
Invigorating. Exciting. Delighting. Digital photography is all these things and more. Escape into a realm where you can do almost anything you want with your pictures.