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    Innovation at Kodak

    Kodak is a trusted leader in conventional and digital technologies that serve the commercial, packaging, and functional printing markets. Kodak's solutions are underwritten by strong, proprietary technologies which will shape the development of printing markets of the future. In addition to Kodak's investment in new technology invention, we also focus on building relationships to expand current businesses and create new ones through technology partnerships that drive market differentiation. Kodak's Commercial Imaging product portfolio is unmatched and the direct result of the Company's unique combination of proven technologies and deep knowledge in materials science, digital imaging science, and deposition processes. The breadth of these core technologies enables Kodak to create functionality beyond visual communications through printing processes.

    Inside Kodak Research

    Kodak research leverages scientific understanding to create technologies that enable customer solutions. These technologies make Kodak products more powerful, flexible and easy to use with each new generation.



    Material Science

    Interfacial Science

    Electronic Materials

    Inks and Dispersions

    Polymer Science


    Deposition Science

    Non-contact and contact Deposition Device Design


    Laser Writing


    Image Science

    Image Science

    Image Quality

    Secure Data Embedding

    Functional Image Science