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    Engagement means looking beyond our direct sphere of influence, reaching out to a variety of stakeholders and participating in the larger arena to explore long term opportunities for Kodak and the world community



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    Partnering to drive solutions
    To strengthen our supplier process and align with industry best practices, Kodak participates in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). The EICC works to ensure that working conditions among manufacturers and their suppliers are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, and their processes are environmentally responsible.
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    Two Sides

    Print and paper have a great environmental story to tell, and Two Sides is tackling that mission. Two Sides, and its worldwide member companies like Kodak, promote better understanding of the responsible production and use of this sustainable medium.

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    Verdigris Project 

    As a member of this leading industry research initiative, Kodak supports the European-based Verdigris Project and its mission to raise the awareness of print's sustainability. Verdigris utilizes the vast resources within the industry's manufacturing, printing, print buying and publishing sectors to conduct research, share findings and open dialog on the environmental aspects of print production.

    Innovation & Materials Science Institute
    The Innovation and Materials Science Institute (IMSI) is a group of academic and business leaders specializing in today's innovation economy. The goal of IMSI is to accelerate the development of materials technology through scale-up and commercialization, by providing entrepreneurs access to critical services and assets. As a member of IMSI, Kodak is able to help innovators by offering services such as thin film coating and testing and specialty chemical synthesis.