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    Stewardship means responsibly managing all our assets, including our people, our facilities and the products and services we sell. Focusing on opportunities within our control ensures we're doing our part and contributing to a culture of sustainability.





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    Working with Kodak and its partners, printers have access to a wide range of resources, programs, and solutions, such as the Printer's EnviroServices Program (PEP), designed to help printers manage their environmental footprint.




     Sustainable Printer Program

    Kodak offers a consumables and Operator Replaceable Components end-of-life management program for its printing and publishing customers in the United Kingdom with its preferred partner J&G Environmental.


     ISO 50001 Certified
    Kodak's manufacturing facility in Osterode, Germany is ISO 50001:2011 certified.  The certification requires Kodak operate a management system for energy efficiency and continuous improvement in energy efficiency performance while demonstrating improved results.