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    KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film RED7

    KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film RED7 is a red-sensitive film designed for high productivity environments where rapid processing capabilities are important. RED7 Film uses Integrated-Booster-Technology (IBT processing) for extremely sharp line-edge quality. A scratch and abrasion-resistant overcoat ensures a long phototool life.

    Like all KODAK Films, RED7 Film is packaged for cleanliness and ease-of-use. A vacuum-sealed, multi-layer foil bag provides abrasion protection during shipping and an oxygen barrier that extends shelf life. Film sheets are notched for easy emulsion-side identification. And convenient 50-sheet packets mean you'll never have to count.

    RED7 Film features dual red sensitivity at 633 nm and 670 nm for use with photoplotters using helium-neon (HN) or red-laser-diode (RLD) exposing sources. Process RED7 Film in an IBT-compatible developer, such as KODAK ACCUMAX Rapid Access Developer and Replenisher.

    Technical Data:
    TI2585 (PDF)


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