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    KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film APR7

    Creating high complexity phototools starts with the right film. Now from Kodak, you get hard line edge quality and superior dimensional stability with KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film APR7. APR7 Film uses the latest Integrated Booster Technology (IBT processing) —technology pioneered by Kodak. APR7 Film is specifically designed for PCB phototool creation, and pre-conditioned by Kodak in a clean-room environment to make it "ready to use" right out of the box.

    KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film APR7 is an outstanding film for red laser photoplotters. This breakthrough product replaces ARD7 and provides two significant dimensional stability advantages:

    • Exclusive one-sided gel coating structure for low humidity coefficient of linear expansion of only 0.0009% per %RH
    • Preconditioned at the factory to match the relative humidity of the photoplotter environment (50% RH)


    These two features allow PCB manufacturers to take phototools to a new level – achieving the registration requirements of the future with a high productivity workflow.

    Like all KODAK Films, APR7 Film is packaged for cleanliness and ease-of-use. A vacuum-sealed, multi-layer foil bag provides abrasion protection during shipping and an oxygen barrier that extends shelf life. Film sheets are notched for easy emulsion-side identification. And convenient 50-sheet packets mean that you'll never have to count.

    APR7 Film features dual red sensitivity at 633nm and 670nm for use with photoplotters using helium-neon (HN) or red-laser diode (RLD) exposing sources. APR7 uses Integrated-Booster Technology (IBT processing) for extremely sharp line-edge quality. Process APR7 Film in an IBT-compatible developer, such as KODAK ACCUMAX Rapid Access Developer and Replenisher.

    Technical Data:
    TI2648 (PDF)


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