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Kid's Art Album


Your child’s artwork is precious—but those
construction paper ornaments and finger
paintings can fade and rip in time. Preserve
their creativity with a special album dedicated
to their crafts.

What You'll Need:

  • Collection of kids’ artwork
  • Scanner or camera
  • Scissors
  • Acid-free adhesive
  • Scrapbook

45 min
time to complete
Skill Level 1
skill level

How to Make it:

Immortalize their masterpieces
Gather up their best arts and crafts. Place each piece against a plain background and shoot it up close.
(Flat drawings and paintings can be scanned through
a scanner instead.)


Edit your book
Go through the images and decide which artwork to highlight. Print your favorites in large sizes (5 x 7 and
8 x10), and other pieces smaller.

Lay it out
Group images by your child’s age, or by subject
matter or type of craft. You can trim out details from
your child’s artwork to use to adorn the pages.

Keep it current
Choose a scrapbook that lets you add pages through
the years, so you can chart your child’s talent.