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Growth Chart

 Watch your child grow with this special, photo-adorned chart.

What You'll Need:

  • A strip of fabric or felt (6 inches wide by 5 feet tall)
  • Ribbon, fabric, appliqués and other adornments
  • Pretty paper
  • Photos of your child
  • Measuring tape
  • Ribbon
  • Small 2 x 3 inch photos of your child
  • Hot glue gun
  • D-ring or dowel and ribbon

45 min
time to complete
Skill Level 2
skill level

How to Make it:

Build the base
 Put the dowel or D-ring at one of the short ends of the fabric, and hot glue it into a fold in the fabric. This will be how you’ll hang the chart.


Add the measurements

You’ll hang the finished product so it starts 2 feet off of the ground, so cut off the first 24 inches from an extra-long tape measure, and glue the remainder along the right edge.


Add in photos

Create small frames for photos using different fabrics; you’ll start adding photos from the bottom, and add new ones along the way as your child grows. (You can fill the empty frames with pretty paper until they’re ready to be filled.) Use hot glue to attach the frames along the left side of the chart, leaving the tops unglued so you can easily slip photos into the pockets.
TIP: For a dramatic view of your child’s growth, try taking pictures of them in the same pose, in the same spot, and from the same distance each time. This will emphasize the changes in your child over the years. For an example, see Watch it Grow.




Dress it up

Use appliqués, ribbon and stickers to decorate the chart to match your child’s room. Put their name and birthdate at the top using appliqués or stickers.


Hang it up

Hang the growth chart on a nail, making sure that the bottom of the chart is exactly two feet off of the floor.


Start measuring

Have your child stand against the chart, then draw a line to indicate their height. Use a small flower or other decorative element to mark the spot, noting your child’s age or the date. Add the photo of your child at that age.