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    Innovative Product - KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX)

    APEX is an efficient and innovative design which meets consumer and retailer expectations for reduced environmental impact.


    • Eliminates water and processing chemicals, which reduces chemical storage and disposal costs and eliminates the need for silver recovery.
    • Reduces energy consumption. No energy is needed to maintain chemistry and paper drying processes.
    • Offers an optional ENERGY STAR qualified printer for creating photo books, calendars and greeting cards.

    In recognition of its 70 – 90% energy savings when compared to traditional photoprocessing minilabs,* APEX has earned the Kodak Cares green leaf logo.


    APEX Media, Consumables and Packaging

    Materials are chosen for their environmental qualities.

    • Photo paper is sourced from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certified sources.
    • Thermal donor is made of non-hazardous, recyclable plastics.
    • Media packaging, including plastic bags, cardboard boxes and plastic spool materials, are suitable for local recycling and labeled to facilitate proper sorting.

    *Energy savings based on electricity consumption testing of Fuji Frontier 340, Fuji Frontier 570, Nortisu QSS2711, Gretag Master Lab 742 minilabs under typical print per day volume. Actual results may vary.

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